Oils Series for Sauna & Bath

Oils Series for Sauna & Bath

Using essential oils in the sauna is one of the most effective methods to restore the physical and psychological state of the human body, because in the sauna we can allow maximum penetration of aromatic carbohydrates of essential oil through enlarged pores into the blood and lymph, and by inhaling essential oil vapors. Essential oils have a positive effect on the nervous system and emotional background, strengthen the immune system, have a healing effect on the healing of the upper respiratory tract and respiratory organs in general. Improve blood circulation and skin turgor.

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Sauna set «Finnish bath»
Available volume: 10 ml

₴ 65.05

Set for sauna «Russian sauna»
Available volume: 10 ml

₴ 65.13

Support for sauna «Needles bath»
Available volume: 10/20 ml

₴ 64.97

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