About the Company

About company Adverso

Founded in 2007 our company Adverso is located in a picturesque, ecologically clean place in the resort town of Truskavets near the Carpathians, where a combination of healing natural factors and high quality natural essential and fatty oils, as well as a wide range of aromatherapy, cosmetics and massage compositions, vegetable and essential oils, which are manufactured by our company, allows you to restore in full body and soul.

It is n ot the secret that people from along time used the aromas of various essential oils to heal body and soul, to attract love into their lives. And today such aromas are also very popular!

For a modern person living in a world of hustle and stress,  aroma essential oil therapy is an affordable way to restore strength, relieve stress and fatigue, the opportunity to enrich everyday’s life with new sensations.

The essential oils open wide possibilities of its application for - baths, enrichment of creams, tonics, shampoos, room aromatization, inhalation, massage. In addition, aromatherapy is well combines with other methods of natural medicine: herbal medicine, homeopathy and massage.

Company products

Our raw materials for production are purchased from the world's leading suppliers and meet international standards. The products are certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It is packed up in packing of the European quality (bottles from dark brown glass with a tight stopper and the batcher). The combination of European and domestic  packaging quality makes the products attractive in price and quality.

Company achievements

In July 2013, Adverso  was awarded with personal "National Certificate" and status "Industry Leader 2012" in the perfumes and cosmetics production and wholesale, also as well as "Leader of the Year 2017".

Company advantages

Reasonable combination of price and quality, a wide range of products, favorable conditions for wholesalers, prompt execution of orders - these are the main competitive advantages of cooperation with us!

Especially for frequent customers, we regularly develop various promotions and offers that help you to make a purchase at a good price or receive original gifts. We value each customer and make every effort every day to make our range even wider, and the level of service even higher, so that you get the most pleasure from shopping in our store.

Be sure that the aromas we offer will awaken the imagination and bring pleasure!