Cosmetic Compositions for the Body

Cosmetic Compositions for the Body

Cosmetic compositions are made from natural oils with the base of vegetable oils: avocado, shea, jojoba, peach, grape and almond kernel oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, etc. with the addition of natural essential oils: rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, etc. Due to fact that vegetable oils are a source of minerals and vitamins, it helps in  care for different skin types to  make it elastic, fresh, velvety, healthier as well.

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Composition of oils «For neck and breast care»
Available volume: 55 ml

₴ 53.59

Cosmetic oil «After depilation»
Available volume: 110 ml

₴ 78.62

Cosmetic oil «For body moisturization»
Available volume: 110 ml

₴ 86.19

Cosmetic oil «For breast elasticity»
Available volume: 110 ml

₴ 84.55

Cosmetic «From papillomas and warts»
Available volume: 10 ml

₴ 62.48

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